Chocolate Daily Reset Shake

The wait is over.  The Chocolate Daily Reset Shakes are Here.  Order Now!    Taking the Daily Reset Shake has been proven in human clinical trials to regulate blood sugar, lower...

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The wait is over.  The Chocolate Daily Reset Shakes are Here.  Order Now!


  •  Taking the Daily Reset Shake has been proven in human clinical trials to regulate blood sugar, lower insulin production, improve basal metabolic rate, and increase the rate of fat burning. The original Reset Shake is the one used in the trials on which The Adrenal Reset Diet and the Metabolism Reset Diet are based. The original Reset Shake has a full day’s dose of Resistant Starch for those seeking to improve their health. It is a type called RS2 high amylopectin pea starch.

"After reading your book, I decided to try resistant starch, carb cycling, and your shake. I almost immediately started sleeping better and had more energy. I stopped waking up at 2-4 am. I started exercising again because I had the energy to do so." Jodi

  • The original Reset Shake contains a full meal’s worth of protein and essential micronutrients making it a complete breakfast or meal replacement. 

"The shake mix is very convenient, and since I live a too-busy life, it has really helped me to have a nutrient packed breakfast (or lunch) every day. I'm very grateful for your book and your encouraging emails, not to mention the shake powder and supplements you designed so carefully! " Sandy

  • RS Complete is the only commercial product assayed and standardized to have a therapeutic dose RS. It contains a synergistic blend of RS from sources including AIP friendly potato extract, green banana flour, and bamboo. 
  • The original shake that helped participants lose 2.5 inches off their waist in the first month of the Metabolism Reset Clinical Trial.

  • The Daily Reset Shake can help your adrenals if you are stressed, wired and tired, or crashed.

"Your shake is rather marvelous. I was experiencing 3 months of intestinal upset - though that was not the reason I began using your shake.  Within 3 days of substituting your shake for breakfast, my intestinal upset was corrected. It has been a month now, with no return of my former symptoms.  Thank you for your carefully formulated product."
Yours, Maureen

  • If you’re thriving, The Reset Shake maintains your healthy state.This works because resistant starch keeps your blood sugar steady for 6-9 hours. Steady blood sugar means your cortisol rhythm is steady to help you lose weight, have great energy, and sleep better.

  • The Daily Reset Shake is free of all processed sugars and flavored with fiber from granny smith apples, and natural vanilla. Like all of Dr. C’s products, it is free of dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, sugar, peanuts, GMO’s preservatives, MSG, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners.

  • If weight loss is your goal, try the shake plain with water for two of your meals.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ana Lemus
Great flavor

I bought this in chocolate since I needed more protein and am in the low iodine protocol. Flavor is awesome. Was not expecting that. I do water and half a banana and it’s delicious and creamy. I add ice to my ninja to give it a thicker consistency. Very surprised by the flavor to be honest.

Diane Pascos
Love it!

After having a shake, I feel satisfied. It takes away my hunger and the taste is awesome! Tough to come by shakes that taste great!

Donna Bradford

Creamy and mild chocolate flavor with no after taste!

Teresa M
chocolate reset shake

I have tried a lot of protein shakes and this one is by far the best. Creamy and smooth, satisfies my chocolate craving without giving me fever blisters that regular chocolate does and without the typical weird protein shake chalkiness.

Amanda Johnson

I’ve done the reset before and used the vanilla. It definitely doesn’t have a vanilla taste. No matter what milk I use (and I had to because water was gross) it tastes like cream of wheat. I had high hopes for the chocolate. It’s cream of wheat taste again but now with the strange artificial flavor after taste. Not my favorite but I know it’s clean powder and does fill me up, etc.

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