Ultimate Hashimoto's Bundle

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We have your thyroid needs covered with savings galore.  This bundle includes 1 Daily Reset Pack(60 packets), 1 bottle of Antibody Support(Nigella), 1 bottle of Inflame Reset, and one container...

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We have your thyroid needs covered with savings galore.  This bundle includes 1 Daily Reset Pack(60 packets), 1 bottle of Antibody Support(Nigella), 1 bottle of Inflame Reset, and one container of RS Complete. 

How to use the Hashimoto's Bundle:

  • Breakfast

    • Take one packet of the Daily Reset Pack

    • 2 Capsules of Antibody Support

    • 1 scoop RS added to water or shake

  • Mid-morning (between 8:30 - 10:30 AM)

    • Take 2 capsules Inflame reset, away from food

  • Dinner

    • Take the second packet of the Daily Reset Pack

Included in Bundle:

Daily Reset Packs

The first thyroid-friendly multi combined with essential fats, a full dose of vitamin D and extra calcium/magnesium. All the essential nutrients needed to keep your thyroid working optimally.


Antibody Support

Antibody Support is a thyroid-specific formulation made to reduce the thyroid antibodies found in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Graves’ Disease. The formula is a synergistic blend of essential nutrients, vitamin-like isomers, and botanical extracts. All of the ingredients have been clinically proven in human studies to safely reduce thyroid antibodies. 

Suggested Use: take two capsules daily with food

Clinical Applications

  • Supports protocols to lower thyroid antibodies
  • Engineered to reduce symptoms associated with elevated thyroid antibodies
  • Benefits efforts to improve repair of existing thyroid cells

Inflame Reset

The most common cause of thyroid disease in the modern world is Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. The 'itis' at the end of the name means inflammation and it is at the base cause of all autoimmune diseases. Once the cells of the thyroid become inflamed from issues like excessive iodine, the inflammation brings in the immune cells which break down the thyroid cells. When enough cells are damaged, the thyroid is unable to make enough thyroid hormone. Inflame reset contains a custom blend of enzymes to help heal the damaged thyroid cells and phytonutrients to calm the activated immune system. For many, lowering inflammation is a critical step towards restoring normal thyroid function and allowing for the regrowth of healthy thyroid cells. 

RS Complete
Autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto's Thyroiditis can start in the intestinal tract. When the intestinal lining is compromised, immune-activating proteins become absorbed. These proteins can lodge in healthy tissue and start the autoimmune process. The intestines form a healthy protective barrier by producing short-chain fatty acids like butyrate. RS Complete contains resistant starch which causes the good bacteria to generate more butyrate than any other known compound. This protects the intestinal tract against abnormal proteins and heals one of the key causes of autoimmune reactions. 


Customer Reviews

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Luann Johnson
The bundle makes it simple while saving money

I did Dr. Christianson's Metabolism Reset Diet Program and it worked. I was just recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's and the Hashi's was kicking my butt. For over a month now I been doing the Thyroid Reset Diet Program and found this bundle which makes it more affordable and easier to get the nutrients needed. I joined his program and Facebook pages and this helped me not only learn about my diagnoses but he gives you hope that this can be reversed. All my doctors said I will be getting worst and will need medication. Well I got a check-up today and not only am I feeling better, my doctor couldn't believe how quickly my levels were getting all in range. I believe with the right supplements and nutrients and learning about the disease, you can fight it and win! Thanks to Dr. Christianson because his plans work, they are natural, and he gave me hope.

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